WiFi to Wired Internet Guidelines

Wired Internet Guidelines

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WiFi to Wired Internet Guidelines

Once I discovered how sensitive I was to EMF, all measures had to start to reduce the EMF in my home immediately. Using only wired choices for the internet could be used. Wired connections were faster, more secure, and more reliable than the wireless options I was using. I used these WiFi to Wired Internet Guidelines to easily and correctly make the changes.

I already had Ethernet cables, so I switched off the WiFi and plugged in the Ethernet cables. You may want to hire a professional expert to come to your home and determine what you need. They can run your Ethernet cables for you. If you would like a do-it-yourself solution, these tips are easy to follow. Use these switching from WiFi to Wired Internet Guidelines.

Getting the Equipment

First, you will need compatible equipment. If you are leasing a modem as part of your internet service, it will work for you. Often internet providers use routers with wireless capabilities. Examine your modem and find out if you can turn off the WiFi broadcasting.

Your internet cable provider can also supply you with the correct Ethernet cables to use with their equipment. If you need a wireless connection for several devices, using a switch will help you turn off the EMF at night. A reinforced or shielded cable will further reduce your EMF output. One cable can work with different devices. Schedule the time when you can move the cable as needed for a different device.

Plug Ethernet in and Run Cables

Evaluate your space to be sure your expert has run a cable into any area that needs to have connection capabilities. You canCat8 Ethernet Cable reduce your exposure to EMF by using your connected laptop or desktop computer rather than using your cell phone to surf the web. Select your length. Reduces any signal interference to the full extent. Allows you to stream HD videos, music, surf the net, play games at Hyper Speed.

If you are renting, you may want to run the cable along the wall wherever you can so you minimize damage to the walls. If necessary, you may speak to your landlord and get permission to run the cable behind walls or through ceilings.

Connect your devices

Once you have all of your devices with connection capabilities, connect and safely begin to use it. Reduce your exposure to EMF by using your connected laptop or desktop computer rather than using your cell phone to surf the web.

Turn off WiFi

The last step is to turn off the WiFi on each of the devices you have in your location. Checking your user manuals to be sure you have done this step correctly is essential. Once you have done this, you have reduced the EMF level in your home. People have a variety of results once the hard wiring is in the house. For me, I noticed the ringing in my ears had reduced. Over time that ringing seems less and less. Your health results will vary depending on what your health issue is.

Switching from WiFi to Wired Internet was critical to my health. I saw immediate results.

Easy Steps to Switching from WiFi to Wired Internet Guidelines

You will see the easiest ways to make the switch in your home with these steps.

A hardwired internet connection is so much better for your health than WiFi. While it takes some effort, it is a small price to invest in protecting you or you and your family from EMF radiation.

Common questions about setting up a wired solution

Does this mean we have to go back and choose a new WiFi router or do away with the cable modem?

I run a business that needs Internet, but I have a wireless router in my home. Should I consider making my wireless router into a wired-only device?

Answers to those questions

Adding an Ethernet cable to the wireless network is the first step taken by many companies and individuals. Using an Ethernet cable gives customers the option of a wired connection instead of, or in addition to, wireless. You may need several Ethernet cords and a way to plug in several devices. Use the 5 port TP-Link TL-SG105 Ethernet Network Switch

A wired solution varies widely from one area to another. 


Netgear Cable Modem CM500 Save monthly rental fees: Model CM500 replaces your cable modem Compatible with All CableNetgear Cable Modem CM500 Save monthly rental fees: Model CM500 replaces your cable modem Compatible with All Cable Providers Works with any wifi router Providers Works with any WiFi router. 

Connecting your router with an Ethernet cord

  • connect the modem to the wall
  • switch on the modem
  • switch on your computer
  • plug Ethernet cord into computer and router, connecting to WiFi
  • open a browser and go to any website, like google.com or wikipedia.com, etc.
  • then click the connect/disconnect button found in the upper right corner of the browser to connect that device to the Internet
  • a button in the upper right corner of the browser or a different desktop software if you are not using Internet Explorer. You can use Chrome or Firefox
  • enabler internet explorer disabled
  • close Internet explorer click on the gear button and turn off “Enable Explorer ActiveX Controls” when you see the “ActiveX is disabled” message, do the same to enable it again
  • now open any website and enjoy your Internet

Your settings may have misplaced the router and allow you to store a default IP address. Therefore, it would help if you connected to your router with a static IP, not your usual DHCP. The router’s firewall can prevent such attempts from working – you may have to clear out any blocked ports in the process.

It is necessary to connect them to an Internet modem/router using the Internet from laptops, mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. It is required to connect them to an Internet modem/router.

More router recommendations

You can also buy a router with integrated access points, such as Netgear N600 Mobile WiFi Router. NETGEAR N600 Dual Band Wi-Fi Router

The Netgear N600 is ideal for medium to large homes. Excellent for network management.


Some Internet service providers do not offer cable modem and router service in one package.

How you can reduce the electromagnetic frequency coming from your router

Check your router’s output power with a meter; you’ll find that lowering it by 50-75% is more satisfactory for health protection.

Some router models have LEDs showing power output. You should plug your computer into a wall outlet with a power strip (ensure that the other end of the power strip connects to the PC with an Ethernet cord).

Some routers have built-in antennas. You can remove one. You can also set a router with built-in antennas to operate in “bridge mode.”

  • Find a router with detachable antennas like the NETGEAR WGR614v8. It has four RJ-45 Ethernet ports to allow for wiredNETGEAR WGR614v8 connections to the network. 





Using wired connections will effectively remove any wireless radiation from your house.

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