The Ultimate EMF Security Solution for Your Devices


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When looking for the ultimate EMF security solution for your devices, our research will assist you in finding help.

Because we are finding ourselves trapped in a fast-paced life. It’s no secret that our electronic devices have become an extension of ourselves lately. It could be professional deadlines or personal connectivity reasons; we all need our smartphones, tablets, or laptops handy around us to function effectively.


QUANTHOR Flower Of Life Orgone Pendant

We highly recommend the QUANTHOR Flower Of Life Orgone Pendant for anyone looking for a fashionable self-confidence booster and protection necklace that raises your vibration and strengthens your body’s biofield.

Provides protection from negativity by deflecting harmful vibes.
Generates optimal levels of good vibrations with this beautiful Natural Crystals Necklace.
An excellent gift for your friends, your family, and yourself!

Some customers reported receiving a defective pendant.
It may be too big for some customers to wear as a necklace.
Not as beautiful as described in the product description.

The QUANTHOR Flower Of Life Orgone Pendant is handcrafted in India with a metal Flower of Life symbol and protection crystals and stones such as Amethyst, Quartz Crystal, Jasper, Crushed Smoky Quartz, Carnelian, Tiger’s Eye, Obsidian, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, and SBB coil. It directs your life force energy to increase physical energy and personal power and, bringing you courage, compassion, and a boost in creativity.

This orgone energy pendant is highly useful in purifying and cleansing all the chakras, helping you connect with your spirit guides, and reaching higher vibrations of energies. It is also designed for daily protection and increases the body’s natural defenses against the damaging frequencies coming from all modern gadgets.

We love that the QUANTHOR Flower Of Life Orgone Pendant has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If, for any reason, you’re unhappy with their energy stones and crystals products, they’ll provide a full refund.

If you’re looking for a beautiful and powerful orgone energy pendant that provides wisdom and protection from negativity, generates optimal levels of good vibrations, and is an excellent gift for your loved ones. The QUANTHOR Flower Of Life Orgone Pendant is worth considering.


Shungite stones have been used for eons due to their outstanding ability to heal and shield us against harmful electromagnetic radiation overwhelming us from electronic devices today. The significant increase in its demand lately was due to people getting alert about potential EMF risks arising from these devices daily; among various popular brands catering such solutions-QUANTHOR, Shungite Stones Protection has earned itself unprecedented recognition as it claims unique blend materials delivering unmatched effectiveness regarding safeguarding against EMFs.

Choosing the right quality stones to shield oneself with sustainability becomes pivotal; some low-end stones’ capabilities may not align with essential requirements, and the wrong size and shape may also affect their functionality, so opting for products attentively selected is critical. Our team reviewed countless shungite choices, concluding that QUANTHOR Shungite Stones Protection’s infusing technique elevates the product and makes it a top contender in eliminating EMF threats.

Modern OM Shungite Plates for Cell Phones, Tablets, Laptops

Safeguarding your electronic devices from possible damage can be achieved through the Modern OM Shungite Plates.

These plates have an elegant design featuring a Metatron Cube and are shaped from pure Shungite stone, acknowledged for its grounding and purifying characteristics.
The Moden OM Shungite Plates can help you avoid negative energy by easily attaching them to phones, laptops, or tablets.

However, their small size might not benefit larger electronic gear. Their adhesive could fail on some surfaces without additional support, causing a potential mess with black residue left by the stone.

We recommend this product as it efficiently safeguards your electronics and adds class with its splendid design.

QUANTHOR Shungite Pyramid

For those looking for protection against negative energies.
Along with a boost in physical vitality, we highly recommend the QUANTHOR Shungite Pyramid. What makes this pyramid uniquely special is its authentic Karelian shungite stones, which can hold immense healing power for clearing and cleansing all chakras.
The product has a lifetime guarantee, so customers can have complete peace of mind knowing they are receiving a high-quality product.
In addition to its effectiveness against harmful energy imbalances, it also looks elegant, making it an ideal and fashionable pick-me-up in case of low self-confidence circumstances.

Be careful, as shungite powder residue might be on the pyramid – it is essential to wash it before use.
Certain users may find the pyramid smaller than anticipated or experience sensitivity issues, but despite that, rest assured, as QUANTHOR guarantees quality production.

Crafted with care by local artisans in Karelia, Russia, this shungite pyramid seeks to harmonize your life by enabling important aspects while balancing chakras. The natural crystal stones empower your personal goals and protect against harmful energies, making them a great daily companion!

To summarize: The QUANTHOR Shungite Pyramid should be on your wishlist if you seek personal growth and amplify physical energy levels while safeguarding against negative influences – perfect as a gift for yourself or others!

QUANTHOR Shungite Stones Protection Necklace
We highly recommend purchasing the QUANTHOR Shungite Stones Protection necklace for its powerful energy-cleansing properties and authentic Karelian Shungite crystals.

The Shungite pendant is highly effective in purifying and balancing chakras, deflecting harmful vibes, and helping to reach higher vibrations of energies.
The carbon “fullerenes” in the Shungite crystals raise your vibration and strengthen the body’s biofield, empowering your physical vitality throughout the day.
The Shungite necklace is 100% authentic and handmade by local artisans directly from the mine in Karelia.

The polished stones may have residue of Shungite powder, which requires rinsing with water before use.
The pendant may not be suitable for those with metal sensitivities, as it comes with a metal chain.
The pendant may be too bulky or heavy for some individuals.

The QUANTHOR Shungite Stones Protection necklace is a great way to cleanse and protect your energy field, making it a perfect gift for yourself or loved ones. The authentic Karelian Shungite crystals and carbon “fullerenes” boost your physical vitality, creativity, and personal power. While the polished stones may require rinsing before use, and the pendant may not suit those with metal sensitivities, we believe this necklace’s benefits outweigh any potential drawbacks.

Shungite World Cell Phone Protection Stickers

Are you someone who is concerned with electromagnetic radiation emissions from your electronic gadgets such as mobile phones?

If so, Shungite World Cell Phone Protection Stickers might just be what you need to safeguard yourself. What makes these stickers unique?
They’re made of shungite – a rare stone formed 2 billion years ago containing high carbon C 60 organic compounds with a fullerene structure designed to enclose negative ions and other sized molecules before reaching your device’s airwaves.
These little stickers are effortless and can adhere to almost anything – from phone cases to dishwashers!

For bigger electronic devices, though, such as laptops or tablets, users may require several applications, which could be cumbersome for some.
Additionally, some criticism has been made around its adhesion ability, wherein a small percentage have reported their stickers falling off after application.
Thus far, scientific testing results on the efficacy of the Shungite World Cell Phone Protection Stickers are unconfirmed.

However, persuasive testimonies are abundant online by people who claim to have experienced noticeable health benefits from its use.

Our experiences revealed significant improvements in general well-being; no more feeling sick or exhausted when using personal electronic gadgets, even during extended periods! What’s more, the sticker application process is quick and painless. We’re happy they don’t affect our devices’ functionality, like wireless charging capabilities or Wi-Fi connectivity. Albeit, for larger equipment, we would caution our readers that multiple stickers might be needed for the best protection.

KARELIAN Heritage Shungite Stone Sticker Set

If you aim for simplicity and efficiency when protecting electronic devices from dangerous radiation, we recommend the KARELIAN Heritage Shungite Stone Sticker Set.
This set comprises fifteen Shungite phone stickers of different sizes suitable for efficiently safeguarding multiple devices.
The Shungite stones in these stickers contain fullerenes that can transform harmful energy into biocompatible energy – creating a shield of protection around its user.
The adhesive backing ensures that application requires little to no effort.

This fine product may be limited depending on individual preference or equipment quality.
Weak adhesive power could lead to the peel-off or misplaced sticker – while skin marks caused by Shungite stone use may result in further annoyance for some.
Nonetheless, our team has been using this set consistently and feels satisfied with our experience— as we notice prominent positive changes over time! Although we cannot assure you that complete isolation from radiation will happen — why not take steps to diminish exposure if possible?

Overall. If you are seeking an easy and fast way of protection against harmful radiation – consider investing in KARELIAN Heritage  Shungite Stone Sticker Set without hesitation! Prolonged usage of electronic gadgets around us raises concerns about possible dangers linked with Electromagnetic frequencies apart from providing convenience.

To safeguard ourselves against those risks, QUANTHOR Shungite Stones Protection products are accessible. Getting confused when selecting from various options thus becomes essential to consider features for making an informed choice.

Firstly, the type of Shungite used in stone protection is significant; they are available in elite, Petrovsky, and regular grades. The elite is the most effective among them, with larger carbon particles giving a shiny metallic appearance. Normal/Petrovsky Shugnite having relatively lesser carbon particles give sufficient blockade against radiations but still performs mildly less efficiently than Elite Shugnite. Instead, Regular Shungite being the lowest quality, minimizes overall shielding density for your surrounding.

Secondarily, size and shape also affect its efficiency. Using larger, nonuniformly shaped stones would suffice better than smaller, uniformly sized blocks.

Thirdly Coverage range should be kept in mind too before making a decision. Some options cater to one room, while some can cover larger areas like houses.

Lastly, certification should be thoroughly inspected before the final purchase. These products should be certified by authoritative sources like FCC or CE for better quality control. By carefully contemplating these vital aspects, individuals can make a more suitable decision among different QUANTHOR Shungite Stones Protection products based on personal preferences.

Karelian Heritage Shungite Cell Phone Protection Plate Stand | Black Shungite Polished Cell Phone Stand | Total Shield Crystal Natural Stone | Mobile Phone Protection for Home Office Room OP16

Add this elegant phone stand to your office for added protection. These shungite phone stands are made of the purest shungite. As a result, you will enhance the state of your nervous system and the condition of the biofield as well as improve your overall health.


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