EMF and Smart Meters

Smart Guard EEMF Cover

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What You Should Know

For many years the power company used meter readers who made a monthly trip to your home. They read your meters for monthly usage. After many years of manually reading meters, these companies now use a smart meter to get the usage reading. As the meter reader drives by today, they get the amount of your monthly usage wirelessly.

Smart meter EMF covers for protection

Meters these companies have installed certainly make it easier for them to take the readings. A Smart Meter EMF cover to protect the homeowner or renter from the EMF radiation that these meters give off is essential. Many scientific studies show this type of radiation connects to many cancers. More evaluations will be continuing to determine the exact levels that are problematic. The American Cancer Society has reported that there is a possible cancer risk from the use of these smart meters. The risk can lower by using a Smart Meter EMF Cover. These are easy to obtain and easy to install.

Minimizing exposure

Utility companies select the smart meters. The consumer has very little to say about this choice, because the power companies will not allow the consumer to buy and install a smart meter. It would require the meter readers to read those homes manually.

If living in an area that requires you to use smart meters, EMF reduction will be something you want to start immediately. The standard procedures to reduce radiation exposure are:

  1. going wired
  2. putting your cell phone on airplane mode when it is not in use
  3. put your cell phone four feet away from you when it is on
  4. use your phone on speaker or with anti radiation air tube headphones

Turning off any Bluetooth devices will lower your home’s EMF levels. Investing in an EMF high-quality detector will help you determine which items are producing EMF. Read more about EMF detectors here.

For items that can use a Smart Meter EMF Cover, here are two that have the best reviews. These Smart Meter EMF Covers will protect you. Either of these two covers reviewed still allow utility companies to get their readings.

Exposure Risks

Radio-frequency/microwave radiation informs the utility company of your monthly electricity usage. These meters transmit continuously, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are a constant source of “electrosmog.” This continuous transmission is what is creating sensitivity for many people. If you are experiencing EMF sensitivity, you may have overload, dizziness, insomnia, itchiness, or other symptoms that seem random or unexplainable. You may be reacting to these EMF frequencies.

SmartMeterGuard EMF Cover

Smart Meter Guard’s EMF Cover receives excellent reviews online. The cover attaches over your Smart Meter. This cover is made from high-quality stainless steel. It is a product built to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Smart Guard EEMF Cover

Smart Meter Cover Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation Shield

  • The Original Smart Meter Cover, independently tested and verified to block ~98% of RF radiation from smart meters. It still allows the utility company to receive its signal. This meter has excellent reviews.
  • Shields your entire home blocks ~98% of Smart Meter EMF, RF radiation
  • Reasonably priced and guaranteed to last
  • Stainless Steel construction withstands all weather conditions.
  • Reduces RF while still allowing the utility company to receive its signal. 7-inch diameter at the base.

Smart Meter Cover

Your Next Steps

The use of smart meters is increasing. Protecting yourself and your family is essential.

A Smart Meter EMF Cover can be placed over the smart meter. This will lower your home’s overall EMF radiation levels. The cover contributes to reducing your risk of EMF sensitivity or sickness.

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